Relations between Champagne houses and growers (sale and purchase of grapes), management of reserve wines, market regulation, relations with French and EU administrative bodies, economic monitoring unit, market monitoring, export consulting services.

Champagne Economic remit

Viticulture and oenology research programmes, consulting services, training and commitment to sustainable viticulture. The industry's trade association has its own experimental vineyard, fermenting room and cellar together with cutting-edge analysis laboratories.

Champagne Technical and environmental remit

Protection of the Champagne appellation against misuse of the name on other wines, drinks and any other product or service anywhere in the world.

Champagne Legal remit

Information and documentation, organisation of events, press relations,hospitality in Champagne, digital communications (web and social media). The Comité Champagne has bureaus in 16 countries to promote the message and work of the trade association.

Champagne communications remit

Communications remit

Technical and environmental remit

Legal remit

Economic remit

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