What are the stages in the Champagne making process

Let’s explore the main stages of Champagne wine production.


The production of white wine from predominantly black-skinned grapes (two-thirds of the harvest) depends on five broad principles:

1. Pressing immediately after picking

2. Whole cluster pressing

3. A gentle, gradual increase in pressure

4. Low juice extraction

5. Separation of the juices into fractions



After pressing, the grape juice undergoes alcoholic fermentation which transforms it into still (non-sparkling) wine.


The still wines are blended, then comes the bottling stage, which may not take place until the January following the harvest.



After another fermentation (prise de mousse), a long maturation period begins, with the bottles stored in cellars away from light.

Non-vintage wines must spend a minimum of 15 months in the producer’s cellars, vintage wines are matured for at least 3 years.