The vine

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2. The vine

What are the approved grape varieties?

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Look at the 3 main Champagne grape varieties and memorise them.




Can you remember the 3 approved Champagne grape varieties?


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Click on the correct 3 images.

Champagne has the distinction of being a
white wine
made predominantly from
black grapes.

Raisins blancs et noirs

What is the first task to carry out on the vines after harvesting?

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the most fundamental of all vineyard tasks,
is a manual operation which
requires specific training and a diploma.



Pruning begins as soon as the leaves start to fall
and may continue until March.

Pruning is halted between mid-December and mid-January to respect the plants’ winter dormant period.

Why are the grapes harvested by hand?

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The Champagne making process requires whole clusters
of grapes to be pressed.


Harvesting is therefore done
exclusively by hand.


Did you know?

Over a three-week period, more than 100,000 pickers, porters, loaders and press operators come to Champagne to harvest the grapes, which is the culmination of the wine-growing year.




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The winemaking process


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