When does harvesting begin?

How is the date of harvesting decided?

It is set on a precise date (which is the same every year).

It depends on the ripeness of the grapes.

It is decided by the Ministry of Agriculture.



Creation of a ripening observation network (“Réseau matu”)

Réseau matu

The “Réseau matu” takes samples from clusters to check their level of ripeness and accurately determines the best dates and conditions for harvesting.

450 control plots

450 control plots

This data enables the Comité Champagne to set the date when picking should commence for every village and every grape variety.


50-kilo bins

The newly picked clusters are placed in bins perforated with drainage holes in the bottom and sides to keep air circulating around the grapes.

Then they are swiftly transported to one of the 1,900 pressing centres located throughout the Champagne region.

50-kilo bins