Is pressing regulated?

On arrival at the pressing centre, the grapes are weighed and recorded in a logbook.

Centre de pressurage

Juice extraction is restricted in order to retain only the best juices.

A 4,000kg marc (capacity of a traditional press) is not allowed to yield more than a certain volume of juice; what volume is this?

Place the correct quantity of juice into the tank.

25.5 hl

40.5 hl

50.5 hl


Pressing takes place in approved centres.

The juice is separated into fractions: the first juice extracted is known as the “cuvée”(20.50 hl); the second pressing is called the “taille” (5 hl).

The cuvée produces wines with great finesse, asubtle aromas, a refreshing palate and good ageing potential.

The taille produces intensely aromatic wines, which are fruitier when young but less age-worthy.