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1. The wine-growing region

Where are the vineyards?

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How are the vineyards distributed?

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The Champagne region spreads across
320 CRUS (villages).

17 villages traditionally
rank as
“grand cru”
and 42 as
“premier cru”.

What does AOC mean?

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is the French acronym for Designation of Origin. It links a product to its geographical origin and makes it subject to rules of production and manufacturing.

It expresses the close link between production and terroir, coupled with the enduring impact of human expertise.




(Protected Designation of Origin) is the European equivalent of AOC.

It protects the name of a product in every EU country.  




(Protected Geographical Indication) is the international equivalent of AOC – PDO.

What role do the climate,
soil and topography play?

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The Champagne region comes under the influence of a
dual climate
(subject to both oceanic and continental influences).

The composition of the soil is predominantly limestone.

The Champagne vineyards are planted at
altitudes ranging between 90 and 300 metres.


Did you know?

The Champagne vines are at risk of very severe spring frosts, such as in 2003 when 48% of nascent buds were destroyed.


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